• Umi-Chan's Friends

    Related series: Katteni Kaizo

     Kumeta Kouji
    21day ago
  • Serugei Oukoku No Kage Tsukai

    From Friendship Scans: In the history of the Kingdom of Siegerland, there has always been a powerful Shadow Messenger who acted as a guardian for the country. Yet the Shadow Messenger himself doesn't

  • Ryuu No Yuigon

    What is a horny lord to do, when the man he wants to have sex with just refuses to put out? Prostitute himself of course! Tenran is aggressive, powerful, horny, and a uke, and he oh so desperately wan

     Kitasato Senju
    21day ago
  • Ritou No Umi

    Quoted from 4dawgz (the scanlator)- "So there's a magazine called Gelatin where various manga artists are given some coloring crayons and then told to draw whatever they want in full color. The plot f

    21day ago
  • Platina

    Auna is a girl forced into servitude to a petulant princess who presents her with a furry fox cub. Soon afterwards, Auna embarks upon the adventure of a lifetime when she learns that fox is really an

     Kim Yeon-Joo
    21day ago
  • Pharaoh No Haka

    Egypt, a four thousand year old civilization, has now collapse and has entered into a war-torn era. There will be a period of power and angry waves. The small country, Esteria, was invaded and destroy

     Takemiya Keiko
    21day ago
  • Mr. Applicant

    The locomotive called the Rainbow Stone Train runs, not on electricity, but on the energy source called, "Rainbow Stone." Inside, the train is split; from the extremely high class Evening carriage, to

     Takayama Shinobu
    21day ago
  • Aoki Umi No Torawarehime

    In the only neutral country surrounded by many other countries, Kourozen, also known as God's country the princess, Matsurika, is troubled by a proposal from Prince Orland of Cantabria, a major power.

     Ayumura Yuki
    21day ago
  • Ai Ga Tomaranai!

    Hitoshi Kobe is a terrible student and an even worse athlete ... though he does have an incredible talent for creating Artificial Intelligence programs. Thirty is his best artificial intelligence prog

     Akamatsu Ken
    21day ago
  • Yellow Dragon Ga Arawareta!

    On Pomello Island, a wayward genius named Enji has finally decoded the Encyclopedia of Summoning and with it the knowledge to summon and control the dreaded Yellow Dragon. The power of the Yellow Drag

     Tamura Mitsuhisa
    21day ago