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  • Rosenkreuz

    Rosenkreuz summary is updating. Come visit sometime to read the latest chapter of Rosenkreuz. If you have any question about this manga, Please don't hesitate to contact us or translate

     Shima Yuki
    21day ago
  • Rokutousei Supika

    From Storm in Heaven:Supika studies at a school that teaches the magics of astrology and astronomy. Astrologers like Supika can use three magic items, a sun, moon, or star. Supika uses the star Spica

     Onodera Akira
    21day ago
  • Ritou No Umi

    Quoted from 4dawgz (the scanlator)- "So there's a magazine called Gelatin where various manga artists are given some coloring crayons and then told to draw whatever they want in full color. The plot f

    21day ago
  • Rakuen

    From Storm in Heaven: A collection of four short stories. Story 3: Chihiro and Chiaki are twins with a special ability; Chihiro sees strange visions triggered by the things around him, but it's Chiaki

     Fujiwara Kaoru
    21day ago
  • Platina

    Auna is a girl forced into servitude to a petulant princess who presents her with a furry fox cub. Soon afterwards, Auna embarks upon the adventure of a lifetime when she learns that fox is really an

     Kim Yeon-Joo
    21day ago
  • Pharaoh No Haka

    Egypt, a four thousand year old civilization, has now collapse and has entered into a war-torn era. There will be a period of power and angry waves. The small country, Esteria, was invaded and destroy

     Takemiya Keiko
    21day ago
  • Princess And The Witch

    A princess goes to see a witch about a love potion.

     Naoe Marimo
    21day ago
  • Pet Wa Binyanshi

    Compilation of short stories: 1) Pet wa Binyanshi. Shy girl Ruho has a secret. She keeps a cat named Kuro in the garden behind the school. One day while calling Kuro, a bishie answers. "Kuro here...!"

     Miyake Madoka
    21day ago
  • Penguin Musume

    Follow the adventures of Nankyoku Sakura, who seems to be obsessed with anime and manga. She started her first day at school wearing a school swimsuit, cat ears, and a maid tiara and called it her “pa

  • Ottori Sousa

    The story is about a Detective named Akiba who crosses paths with a High School Idol named Mizuho. He was assigned to protect her. But he's also a young detective and a bit unorthodox. For the first t

     Kotegawa Yua
    21day ago