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  • Hoshii No Wa, Anata Dake

    Sui is an actress who has just debuted, but she only took on roles as either vengeful spirits or evil supporting lead. Although her goal is to be the top actress in the industry, Sui has a fatal weakn

     Ayumi Rin
    3Months ago
  • Wakeari Kiss

    Yamabuki-kun is a flashy playboy - someone who's completely different from Mosako. But when he miraculously grows a pair of ears, she's the only one who can help kissing him?!

     Hinachi Nao
    3Months ago
  • Poor Poor Lips

    Nako is a poverty-stricken 21 year-old in desperate need of a job. She applies for a job at a jewelry store. When shop owner Ren identifies herself as a lesbian, the competition for the position evapo

     Goto Hayako
    3Months ago
  • Letters To The Sky

    A little paper airplane, a magic academy, and two very different children. They make a promise at a young age--and seek to keep it once they're of age. Original webcomic:

    3Months ago
  • Miseinen Lovers

    From Dragon Voice Project: Kaho Miyasaka's newest work! We have this girl Kokoro, and a guy that looks like her favorite model, Reiji. Could this be...destiny? ------- Unfortunately this series has be

     Miyasaka Kaho
    3Months ago
  • Yumekoi

    From UTBCT- "Their love was a dream." - A member of a boy band, a very popular and charismatic musician, the guitarist of Dada!! I've been dreaming of such yearning love with a boy, who is just out of

    3Months ago
  • Kiben Gakuha, Yotsuya Senpai No Kaidan.

    In the midst of a female-kidnapping serial killer incident, Makoto's best friend Hinano has vanished completely. Desperate to find her before it's too late, Makoto will try anything-- even invoking th

     Furudate Haruichi
    3Months ago
  • Akuma Na Eros

    Miu Sakurai, age 15, attends a Catholic school where she prays every day for her admired Shion Amamiya to return her love. When that doesn't work, she places her faith in a book of magic and tries cas

     Shinjo Mayu
    3Months ago
  • Yorugata Aijin Senmonten - Bloodhound

    Rion is on a mission to find her missing friend Shihoko. Her only two clues are a card given to her by Shihoko and a confession that her best friend was in love with a vampire. Thus she heads down to

     Yuki Kaori
    3Months ago
  • Tsubame Syndrome

    The story revolves around Taiga who doesn't have memories from more than two years ago after his parents died in an accident. He lives with his sister, Tsubame, who he finds out is from outer space wi

     Akane Kotetsu
    3Months ago