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  • Fujishiro-San Kei

    Fujishiro-san lives by the motto "industrious, diligent, sincere, and punctual." But for some reason her eye is always drawn to the mysterious but good looking guy in her class, Kuze-kun. While he tea

     Yuki Nojin
    21day ago
  • Shonen Linda

    A very short story (3 pages long) about a boy who transform into a girl to become a hero, but she has to collect stamps to be a real hero.

     Ayase Ruuna
    21day ago
  • Yellow Dragon Ga Arawareta!

    On Pomello Island, a wayward genius named Enji has finally decoded the Encyclopedia of Summoning and with it the knowledge to summon and control the dreaded Yellow Dragon. The power of the Yellow Drag

     Tamura Mitsuhisa
    21day ago
  • X-Gene

    From Furinkazan: If you like +anima and are over 18, this manga is for you. X-gene is about a few chosen people, whose DNA contains genes from certain unique animals that can turn them into that anima

     Kentaro Fumizuki
    21day ago
  • Wish~Time Of The Witch

    We have dreams from time to time. Dreams of being able to use magic... Magic! If witches were to listen to everyone's wishes, who would listen to the witch's wishes?Original webcomic: http://comic.nav

     Han Song-Ee
    21day ago
  • Watashitachi No Tamura-Kun

    From the manga: "Komaki Matsuzawa, a mysterious girl who keeps writing "return to her home star" on the paper of her study of career every time. Hiroka Soma, who is the most beautiful girl in the scho

     Takemiya Yuyuko
    21day ago
  • Watashi Ga Itemo Inakutemo

    From An Endless Story: On her way to a part-time job, 18 year old Shouko Abe bumps into an old high school acquaintance, Maki, now a popular shoujo manga artist. Unlike Maki though, Shouko is unable t

     Ikuemi Ryou
    21day ago
  • Painting Warriors

    In the early Song Dynasty (AD 960-1127), at the western border of the Tangut Empire - a pivot point of the Silk Road - furious battles were being fought. Brave warriors of the Tangut and a strange rel

     Suen Wai Kwan
    21day ago
  • Gekkou Teien

    Yuuki is a girl who lies about her gender to enroll in the theatre department of Getsuryou academy, an all boys' school where all the students are required to stay in the dorm. While hiding th

     Ooya Kazumi
    21day ago
  • Gin No Yuusha

    From Storm in Heaven: Beat has always dreamed of being the Golden Hero of Totia. He made a pact with his best friend Ricercare (Rice for short) to join forces to annihilate the demon king in order to