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  • Akuma De Koi Shiyou

    From Autumn Scans: Nanami, a first year high school student, has a history of failed relationships. When she finally meets her ideal guy is he really who she thinks he is?

    21day ago
  • Akai Michi

    From In.Difference: Kazuka is your average High School girl with the exception of having an irregular personality. She wakes up one morning slightly later than usual to find a red thread attached to h

     Ando Yuki
    21day ago
  • Ai No Houritsu

    From Blissful Sin: Asuka is the lover of his stepbrother, Rei. However, the differences in their personalities, the appearance of a rival, and other obstacles! This is the story of their love overcomi

     Sugahara Ryu
    21day ago
  • Ai Ga Tomaranai!

    Hitoshi Kobe is a terrible student and an even worse athlete ... though he does have an incredible talent for creating Artificial Intelligence programs. Thirty is his best artificial intelligence prog

     Akamatsu Ken
    21day ago
  • Ai (Sendou Masumi)

    Renji is a photography college student., just now living on his own in Tokyo. He sets about seducing a classmate, and then things start to go in direction he didn’t expect. Thus begins a romantic, com

     Sendou Masumi
    21day ago
  • 35 Do No Ren'ai Netsu

    Honda is a pharmacist who is overworked due to the hospitalization of his co-worker (who he's secretly in love with). Luckily, one of his customers, Sasashi, turns out to be a doctor who is looking fo

     Takaido Akemi
    21day ago
  • 21St Century Boys

    Growing older is pretty rough and Kenji is finding out just how hard it can be as life starts wearing down on him. On top of trying to make ends meet running a convenience store he has to care for the

     Urasawa Naoki
    21day ago
  • 19 Sai No Hisoka Na Yabou

    1. Water Breath (main story) An injury destroyed Olympic hopeful Ryuji Hayashida's promising swimming career. He was transferred to a university where he believed no one knew who he was, but he was wr

     Sutei Tasuko
    21day ago
  • Hiren Trip

    From 200 wpm: Miyu, an ordinary new first-year student who hopes to become a mangaka meets the schools’ class president who seems to have a hidden side to him. While being pushed around by the cool bu

    21day ago
  • Hatsukoi, Katakoi

    Risa-chan have been friends with yuki-kun since the day he transferred to her school. what will happen when yuki-kun goes to Risa-chan and tells her he is in love with her childhood most beautiful fri

     Koizumi Ren
    21day ago