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  • Bestia

    Long, long ago, a woman who had coupled with a strange beast gave birth to a Saishi, a half-human half-beast creature, whose body was filled with venom. These brutal creatures were used in battle duri

     Ikegami Ryoichi
    21day ago
  • Ben-To Zero: Road To Witch

    A spin-off based on Asaura's original Light Novel series, that focuses on Yarizui Sen's story. Sen is a first year student in Karasuda Private High-school. In this high-school, in-dorm students aren't

    21day ago
  • Love Strip

    Yuuko is in her third year in Junior High (freshman in high school in US). She is a glasses-wearing, four-eyed-nerd. She is suddenly getting tutoring from the perfect Ryuunosuke-kun, but little does s

     Shinjo Mayu
    21day ago
  • Lock On!

    Utsuru Sanada is a professional photographer at the age of 17, he can guess the exact 3 sizes of any girl, he can memorize anything he sees, and he can counterattack karate moves (Most guys would want

     Tsuchida Kenta
    21day ago
  • Baka To Gogh

    From Mangascreener: Sakai and Shoji are two idiots. Their band, Moozmuz, is eccentric, flamboyant and silly. Gogh, their classmate, is a quiet but intense clothes designer. Watch the friendship betwee

     Katou Shinkichi
    21day ago
  • Baroque Chrysalis

    A collection of stories portraying the cruel and twisted nature of love, lust and desire -- and the misery it brings to all those involved. This is volume 1 of Hanlu's Portfolio of Stories. Volume 2:

     Han Lu
    21day ago
  • Barairo My Honey

    At first, she might seem just a cute girl, pretty like a doll, but as soon as she opens her mouth, it becomes clear that she’s a really shrewd and independent girl! Her name is Koume and she has a “da

     Ohmi Tomu
    21day ago
  • Bara No Kusari

    Summary by Midnight Scans: When I was only 8 years old, I was attracted to Hagane, who was accepted into our house as the son of a servant. But is duty the only reason why Hagane listens to what I say

     Osakabe Mashin
    21day ago
  • Zettai Kunshu Shoukougun

    Summary from: Pinoymanga Scans Kiriko and Takuto are both cousins. Often, they spend a lot of times with each other. What the people around them don't know (including their parents) is what transpire

  • Judar No Oukan - Senichiya Ni Oborete

    First story of the Throne of Judar series From fictiondb: She'd conceived his child and ran But there was nowhere Carmen could hide from this prince of Judar. No stone he wouldn't turn to find her, no

     Olivia Gates
    21day ago