The Hinanomori

The Hinanomori

Author:Kirishima Tamaki


Latest chapter:Vol.2 Chapter 54Months ago
Alternate Title:ザ・雛ノ森 ; The Forest of Chicks ; The Forest of Fledglings ; The Grove of Young Birds

From PASSION.ate.:

Dingi, the prince of an exotic middle eastern land, has always been fascinated with the Japanese culture, due to his father's obsession. As a prince, he has a obligation to marry at the age of 20, however, the year before that is devoted to pleasure with whomever Dingi wants. Thus, it seems only natural that Dingi would go to Japan to find himself the perfect lover. However, when he arrives, things don't go as they planned when Dingi falls in love with Gen, his host. Who is this Gen and why does he refuse the prince's advances? Will Dingi ever win Gen's love?