Hoshii No Wa, Anata Dake

Hoshii No Wa, Anata Dake

Author:Ayumi Rin


Latest chapter:Vol.1 Chapter 1 : I Want Only You3Months ago
Alternate Title:ほしいのは、あなただけ ; 我要得到你的心 ; I Want Only You ; Ikaw Lang Ang Gusto Ko (Filipino) ; Je veux seulement toi (French)

Sui is an actress who has just debuted, but she only took on roles as either vengeful spirits or evil supporting lead. Although her goal is to be the top actress in the industry, Sui has a fatal weakness --- that is her fear of men (androphobia)!!

Sui was offered a chance as a leading role in a new romance drama. It's a great chance for Sui but it's fully loaded with lovey-dovey scenes. All the touching, kissing, bed scenes were driving Sui crazy! In order to succeed, Rihito (Sui's new manager) spent 3 days 3 nights to research on treatment of androphobia. Sui, touched by Rihito's perserverance, determined to work hard for his sake. However, would she be able to interact with men naturally?? And her feelings for Rihito...

Included side stories: 保健室のヒミツ (保健室的秘密), 恋なんかじゃない!? (这不是恋爱吧!?)

(by ice_blossom)

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