Blind Play

Blind Play

Author:Yd / Like


Latest chapter:Chapter 21 : Creator Note4Months ago
Alternate Title: Игра в слепую / 블라인드 플레이

If life's a game, then Ah-in's always been a loser. Growing up in an orphanage left him poor and emotionally scarred, but now he's determined to bypass the rat race and get rich quick. In his job as a gay masseur, Ah-in has a unique selling point: he pretends to be blind, offering his wealthy, powerful clients total confidentiality. One such client is Seo Ilmo, a mystery novelist with a spotless reputation and a dangerous compulsion. And when Ah-in pays a visit to Mr. Seo's apartment for an appointment, a fatal game of cat and mouse begins. This time, however, Ah-in cannot afford to be the loser…

Editor's Comment :

This comic contains scenes of graphic sexual violence that some readers may find uncomfortable.


this will be a collab between nanami and delicee!

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